Alpha Blue Pigment

Alpha blue pigment in the range is demanded by customers from plastic, rubber, ink and packaging industries. This is a strong pigment known for its outstanding performance can resist oil, solvent, soap, heat and acids.

Beta Blue Pigment

Beta blue pigment is a pigment of choice in rubber, ink, plastic, textile and other industries. This non-flocculating has high resistance to crystallization. The blue shade of products remains stable from weather changes.

Green 7 Pigment

Made from aluminum trichloride and Phthalocyanine blue, Green 7 Pigment is used in colouring daily-use products. The manufacturing process is carried out in a chamber to prevent environment pollution. This pigment is not only light weight, but waterproof and delivers bright colour.

Oil Red Pigment

Our company produces many pigments, oil red pigment is one in the list. This colourfast pigment is used in many industries for dyeing several products. This oil based pigment delivers rich red colour to products.

Orange Pigment

A chemical preparation called orange pigment is available in the form of powder. It is made using iron oxide and resin solution. This pigment is used in plastic industry to dye plastic products, including bags, belts, water pipes, and injection moulding products.

Parrot Green Pigment

Buy from us parrot green pigment that is known for its excellent light fastness, long shelf life, rich colour and texture. It has a shelf life of one year from the date of packaging.

Yellow Pigment

Yellow colourants from iron oxide are used for preparing yellow pigment in the form of powder. It delivers yellow colour to the products. The yellow colour is durable to light and increases product transparency.

CPC Blue Pigment

CPC blue pigment is a dark blue powder that is used to color different media. This water insoluble pigment has excellent chemical stability. It is supplied in HDPE/MS/fiber drums.

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